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Certified Professional Development Courses

English Conversation

This course will teach you to hold a conversation in which you voice your opinion and clearly explain yourself through well-constructed arguments and examples taken from daily lives.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Joumana Farah or Mrs. Nicole Richa
French Conversation

This course will teach you to hold a conversation in which you voice your opinion and clearly explain yourself through well-constructed arguments and examples taken from daily lives.

Instructor Name : Mrs Petra Atallah or Mrs. Berthe Maalouli
Syriac Language

This course will serve as an introduction to the Syriac language: its history, evolution and usage. You will learn the letters and how to create simple sentences and paragraphs in the language.

Instructor Name : Mr. Joseph Rizkallah


You will acquire the tools needed to manipulate and control cameras, and how to apply these tools to achieve a specific effect in photographic digital images. The course will also introduce you to the principles of framing, composing and balance.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Rania Mouawad
Sketching and Drawing

This workshop guides you through the basics of sketching and drawing, featuring the fundamentals of proportions, tones, human figures, nature, and freehand perspective. It emphasizes on the development of visual memory and helps you to develop your own sketching style.

Instructor Name : Mr. Antoine Matar
Arabic Calligraphy

This is a beginner’s course in the art of calligraphy. It traces the history of Arabic letters and will introduce you to the use of pens and inks, to the Arabic letter proportions, strokes, ornaments, and families of Arabic calligraphic alphabets: Kufi, Roqaa, Naskh, Thuluth, and Diwani.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Laudy Abou Faycal

This course is an introduction to different fundamental techniques used in the creation of a character. It emphasizes on relaxation, concentration, and development of a role through sensorial and emotional memories. You will improvise and do monologues as exercises in this introductory course.

Instructor Name : M. Naji Sourati

Kick-start Your Business

This applied course will provide you with insight into the entrepreneurial concepts and resources needed to create your own business. The course acts as a bridge between theory and the real-life application of business principles. It starts by defining startups and SMEs and will introduce you to the ecosystem that supports and funds entrepreneurship.

Instructor Name : Mr. Ralph Khairallah
Digital Marketing

This full Digital Marketing training program covers an overview of digital marketing, social media strategy & advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), SEO essentials, Google AdWords, email marketing, digital tips & tools, blogging, and an overview of inbound marketing and Google analytics.

Instructor Name : Mr. Joseph Yaccoub


In this exciting course you will learn about wine making throughout the world, different grape varieties, wine ageing, and matching wine with food. Wine tasting included!

Instructor Name : Mr. Fadi Kalaani
Sustainable Living

This course will give you an introduction to sustainable living and the environment. Topics that will covered include the following: the impact of waste on the environment, sustainable shopping, recycling and sorting at home, water and energy conservation among others.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Samar Azzi-Achkouty
Internet Safety for Kids

This seminar is for parents who want to keep their kids/grandkids safe on the internet, and will deal with such topics as: why our children need to use the internet, on-line games, on-line relationships, appropriate content, to name but a few.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Randa Chidiac
Mastering Sous Vide Cooking

This is a specialized course aimed at professionals and experienced students about how to master the cooking technique Sous Vide that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results. Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuumsealing food, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This technique produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method.

Instructor Name : Mr. Youssef Akiki

Brain Boosting – ENCEFAL

This course offers a unique opportunity to stimulate your cognitive functions, to improve your concentration and your memory. With the scientific and innovative method ENCEFAL, this course will provide expert knowledge so you can benefit from a healthier mind. This course is only offered in French.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Marise Kassab

Daily Nutrition

This course will give you basic knowledge on everything related to nutrition and health, focusing on the importance of food intake and the health consequences of bad nutritional habits. It will also provide you with the needed information to plan your daily food intake in order to avoid diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or dyslipidemia.

Instructor Name : Mrs. Yonna Sacre

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